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Wild Heart RPG Planner

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Wild Heart RPG Planner

Post by Amélie on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:36 pm

Wild Heart RPG Planner
In this rpg you join one of the Packs. The North Pack or the South Pack. You have to play a Wolf, any kind of wolf you want. This wolf will live with one of the teams and will be enemies with the other team. You will be a warrior, a hunter, or something else in that Pack. To join this RPG you will have to fill out the questions and send them in a email to me (Amélie) I will then add you to the list of players and your in! If you have more questions ask me or someone who has already joined this RPG. Have fun!!!

Between the two Territorys of the pack is a huge grass plain. This grass plain is a place where everyone is allowed to go. There will be NO fighting there!!!

The Life of these wolves is wild. But they live with 5 Rules they always have to follow. Study them and remember them.
1. Don´t become friends with a wolf of the other pack
2. Don´t hunt in or enter the other packs Territory
3. Always listen to what your leader says
4. Don´t kill a pup from your pack or the other pack. If you see a pup in need of rescuing, you have to help it
5. Every month the leader, generals and some other wolves from each pack have to meet on the grass plains

North Pack
The North Pack lives in a huge snowy forest. The whole forest belongs to them and also the ice hills. The ice hills is a group of hills in the first. They are always covered with frost. They North Pack lives in a giant cave hidden between the ice hills. The wolves of this pack have thick fur coats to protect them from the snow. They are skilled hunters, runners and very territorial.

Leader: Ziana (Amélie)
General of the Warriors: Star (Veronica)
General of the Hunters: Alexis (Dorka)
Isabella (Liza)

South Pack
The South Pack is a group of very strong Wolves with thin fur coats since there home is still Volcano. The volcano doesn't erupt anymore but still has traces of lava wich makes it really hot inside. The Stone Desert, huge black stone plains with many caves and almost no trees or, belongs to them. The Wolfes of this Pack are very skilled fighters, can jump really high up and just as the North Pack they are very territorial.

Leader: Lava (Lara)
General of the Warriors: Fireclaw (Felicia)
General of the Hunters:

Character Description:
Copy and Paste these Questions into an email. Then answer them in the email. When you answered them and have them in a  email send that email to me(Amélie) I will then add you to this RPG! HAVE FUN

Warrior or Hunter:
Eye color:
Fur Color:


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