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How everything began

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How everything began

Post by Amélie on Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:10 pm

Beginning of Wild Heart RPG

The grass was covered in bright red blood. Around her the battle was still going. The sound of ripping fur and meat filled the air. So much death! So much blood! She cried in her mind. Close by she heard a howl of pain as another wolf fell. She ran over to him. His bright amber eyes were full of pain. "No!" she screamed. "No! Don´t leave me! No!" tears began running down her face. "Its ok." whispered the dying wolf. "I will go but always watch over you." His eyes drifted away from her face and began to stare into the nothing. "NO!" She screamed. Her howl of pain was so loud and full of sadness that everybody looked over to her. This has to stop! She told herself. She ran over the clearing and jumped onto a giant gray stone. “Wolves! Listen to me!” she called out. The fighting stopped and the wolves turned their heads towards her. A huge brown red wolf stepped forward and growled: “What is it, North? Losing the fight?” North shook her head. “No, South. This has to stop. Death only weakens our Packs, and soon all left of us will be bones and the smell of death.” “You are just weak!” North growled and his eyes glimmered in triumph.  “Maybe. There are two kinds of wolves. The hunters, and the fighters. We should split up. We shall make the North and South Pack. My Pack will live in the snow lands. You shall rule over fire and lava.” Her voice was proud and full of confidence, as if she hadn't just lost her only son. “Look at them, my wolves, look at the weak ones!” He jumped up on the stone. “Just because you are sooo weak I am going     to agree on that,” he howled a teasing laugh. But he was thinking: Even I want my Pack to live.  This might be all we need to survive. Soon North and her Pack will see, that alone they have no chance against us. They will freeze to death up there. He thought happily. North and South jumped of the rock. The wolves with the thick fur coats followed North. The ones with the thin fur ran after South. The leaders and their Packs stood on the border of their territory staring at each over. Slowly the sun was sinking behind South, his red fur seemed to burn like fire. The full moon was rising behind North, making her fur glow like silver…

This was it. The Packs have been born


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Re: How everything began

Post by Katja:D on Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:44 am


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